DeepLearning Course


A Deep learning Course is end to end training on product rather learning a only language . Learning language is part of learning a software products . Its almost preparing someone to get employed in a company as a experienced software engineer. These deep learning courses compresses the total experience level of almost 1 year into 3 month capsule. So if someone does our Deep Learning Course , he or she can be taken as qualified full stack developers with experience of minimum One year having just spent 3 months with us.

Why product deep learning ?

Well learning a product of a company gives better chances of getting selected as your knowledge on the product is far better than someone who just know programming language and company has to invest on getting experienced with product. By deep learning , its a win win situation , companies doesn’t have to invest in training , readily employable and results are far better. It saves time, energy and money for the hiring partners.

What do we teach here

As of now we are concentrating on our various product verticals. Our products are

  1. Logistics Delivery Management ERP : Optimusplus
  2. Field Force Automation Enterprise Applications : FieldCloud
    • Field Service Desk
    • Field HRM
    • Field Project/ Task management
    • Field Survey
  3. Enterprise Warehouse management system : Tortilla Ware
  4. Enterprise E-Commerce Platform : Tortilla Commerce
  5. offline and online retail management system : Temo
  6. Digital Content Delivery Platform : Tundra
    • Tundra Tube : YouTube Clone
    • Tundra Watch & play : Netflix Clone
    • Tundra Cloud
    • EIDR
    • Digital Ad Delivery Management System
    • Digital Rights Management system
    • Travel and Tour Application : Tringzz.
  7. Campus Management Software system : Glassdoor
  8. Mobile Based AI tagged Online Testing Platform : SpotTest

Why learn products

The above products form product-lines of many unicorn startups and companies . For example , Freshdesk located at Chennai is one of the most sought after Startup and company with great pay-scale and environment and they make products one service desk similar to our Field Cloud Service Desk with ticketing. Now by learning Php or Mysql alone and appearing in Freshdesk interview would give little edge . Where as just imagine if have learnt the complete source code of Service desk which in turn would require you to master the Php+ Mysql platform and various other aspect of building a product would put you into different league of experience full stack developer and you will be hired immediately.

Chennai FreshDesk Office Space

Similarly having a experience in design and developing of Service desk products would get you an edge than others in many companies like Freshdesk , Zoho , Microsoft dynamics , IBM etc.

Similarly each of our Products has potential to give you enough experience in shorter time thus enabling you as full stack developer and full equipped to be easily employed in various software companies.