Course Outline


These deep learning courses are designed and tutored by industry leads and experts who have many years of product design and development experience and knowledge . As an architect they have taken a great care in selection of key areas of training which would give the greatest impact to develop as full stack developer in very short span of 12 Weeks.

Our Courses are of 12 Weeks duration and completely run under supervision of mentors as instructors, in an classroom environment. Each candidate would be screened for his or her uptake skill level and based on the merit , the candidates would be selected to undergo such a intensive program.


Each candidate would be required to spend minimum of 8 to 12 hours every day for 12 weeks . Candidates would given a complete knowledge in any one of the products right from design documents to deep dive into the source code.

During the learning process candidates would end up mastering following

  • Programming language
    • Php-Mysql with different framework
    • Android App development
    • IOS App development
    • Python framework
    • .Net
  • Design Documents , SRS, Low level and High level Design Document
  • Project Management and effort estimation
  • Project Modules
  • Architecture design
  • Source code Deep Diving
  • Unit , manual and Automation testing
  • Php Admin
  • Apache Webserver
  • Database Design , Sql Queries , Joins, Stored Procedure , Views etc
  • Live development of module for hands on experience
  • Cloud access
  • Source Code versioning


Apart from Technical skill honning , candidates will be groomed in spoken english, would be taught mannerism , office etiquette , rules and regulations, dressing, leadership, team building , discipline and punctuality , Resume building with mock interviews.