Welcome to World of Open and Free Software Training @ Chennai

Welcome to world of Free Software Training, where in we help Freshers to acquire the requisite software skills with our deep learning curriculum and  training , conducted over the duration of 300 hrs in an  intensive and focussed mode .

Our belief

We believe in equality of knowledge sharing and thus we have formulated this one month extensive and intensive training speed up the entire process of not only acquiring the requisite software programming skills but also give an exposure to the various product-lines at the source code level.

What we Teach

We presently teach C/C++ and Core Java however in future we would extend this one month opentraining program to include many other programming languages.

How we teach

The training is mostly conducted in classroom environment where in student has to clear the basic Screening test where in one would be checked for logical reasoning, analytical and problem solving capabilities .

Once selected the students would be required to carry their own Laptop with min 4 GB Ram and preloaded with C or Core Java programming editors namely CodeBlocks for C and Eclipse or netbeans for Core Java.

Now if you may have this doubt of why C or Core Java to start with , well we at opentraining believe that before getting into much more complicated application programming language like pHp, Mysql Scripts, Android , Python or JSP or ASP etc, the individual should understand and hone his or her skill of improving the flair for programming , getting used to reasoning out problem with ease , capable of analytical look through etc .

We dont believe in Blackboard classroom environment rather self learning and challenging the students with various and numerous problems as per chapters . During the problem solving, we teach them how to approach a problem, how to work out a process of solving and how to solve it in given time. We believe more the problem solved , more the confidence and more the resolve and more the confidence of clearing the exam.

This whole 300 hours of intensive training would give you a jump start to have great confidence in accepting that afterall programming is not that difficult as thought earlier and would increase your change of clearing interviews would be many fold. we would also help you build your resumes, conduct mock interviews, help you learn soft skills also get you into interview rooms of companies and startup who are looking out for great talents like you.

If you may want to enhance your skills beyond basics , you may to opt for our 12 weeks training program , conducted purely in classroom environment at our Chennai Office.